Top Ten Babysitting Tips: Babysitting Etiquette

Top Ten Babysitting Tips: Babysitting Etiquette

Ten top tips that will ensure that both the parents and the children are happy with the job you have done as babysitter.

Top Ten Tips For Babysitters: Babysitting Etiquette

Good babysitters are always in demand. Managing a career, a social life and parenthood is always going to be stressful and so the opportunity for parents to have some time to themselves is well worth the small amount of money typically paid to the babysitter. There is an unsaid etiquette and there are basic rules that babysitters should always follow so that parents feel that their children and their home have been well looked after whilst they have been away. Below are some of the most basic, but often forgotten, tips that a babysitter can follower to ensure success.

1.      Turn up several minutes early to the house, allowing the family time to book a taxi or say goodbye to the children without being in too much of a rush.

2.      Ensure that the parents’ phone number have been acquired as well as any other emergency numbers that may be required. Also, give the parents your mobile number in case there is a problem with getting through to the home line, or so that they can text. Also, make sure that you know the full address of the house in case of an emergency.

3.      Ask the parents if there will be any visitors, deliveries or other unexpected visits whilst you are in the house. If they say there won’t be then don’t let anyone into the house. Exceptions include the children recognizing the visitor as a relative or close family friend; even then it wouldn’t hurt to send the parents a text to ensure it is alright that the relative is in the house.

4.      Play appropriate games with the children. If the children ask to play a game then let them pick, make sure that they have picked one that other children can join in with if necessary and suit your playing ability to the child that you are playing with.

5.      Watch the clock and be wary of children’s bedtimes. The times a parent will leave are typically just estimates, although try not to stray too far from them. An effective technique to get children to bed is to allow them to finish the game they are playing and then have them go to bed.

6.      Don’t assume a child’s bedtime routine. Ask the parents if children have any specific requirements before they go to bed such as taking medicine, leaving on a nightlight, reading a story or leaving a drink by their bed. Make sure to follow a child’s bedtime routine by the letter as many children find it difficult enough getting to sleep without their parents being the ones tucking them in.

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LewSethics, posted this comment on Feb 18th, 2010

11-Don’t invite friends over to hang out.

Mark Gordon Brown, posted this comment on Feb 18th, 2010

very good advice, especially the gratitude for payment part. Something that needs to be in all aspects of life.

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